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Vocalis Music - High quality and choral training, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

Members Views

“When I joined Vocalis I was really shy and didn’t really know much about singing and music in general.  Now that I’ve been at Vocalis for three years I’ve learned how to read music and I know the names of the notes – it’s actually helped me to teach myself the keyboard!”

Sneha G

 “My favourite moment this year was winning the MK Music Festival against opposition from bigger choirs!  I enjoy the parts that challenge me when I’m singing; it feels like a real achievement when I get it right.”

Lucy A

 “I’ve just joined Vocalis and am loving every minute of it.  They are such a friendly group and make you feel welcome.  I enjoy singing with them.  I also enjoy the song choices. It’s fantastic!!!!”

Samantha S 

“After singing with everyone it feels really good afterwards even if I’m tired.”

Emilia H



“I’ve been at Vocalis since the very beginning and I really enjoy it.  I think it’s safe to say I won’t be leaving anytime soon.”

Debbie D

“I enjoy the festival because it gives a chance to compete and gives you something to aim for.  It’s also fun to take part.”

Kyra A

“I think everyone is great! The songs are neat. Fab!”


“It is good when we perform in concerts because it makes you feel as though you have achieved something!”

Hannah C

“I’ve enjoyed all the concerts and being part of the choir has been great.”

Emily Solloway

“We did really well in the festival – I loved all the singing and the comments from the judges – singing with Vocalis is fun!”

Frayia A

“My favourite moment of last year was at the summer concert when I sang solo.  I like singing songs from musicals.  It makes me feel confident and you make loads of friends.”

Stephanie W

“I love singing with Vocalis because you get to sing lots of different styles of songs.  It also boosts your self confidence.”

Izzy W


“My favourite moment over the last year was the concert at the church in New Bradwell, because I was proud of my solo. I like to sing bouncy music because I like it. I feel that I can sing as loud as I can when we sing together. I like rehearsals, concerts and festivals because everyone makes it enjoyable.”

Emmanuela M